Social Media Overload

Jun 14, 2010   //   by The Wapatoos   //   Blog, WapaBuzz  //  No Comments

It was a beautiful Saturday night at the ballpark, my boy Sid next to me all smiles. We were having a “mom and Sid day,” what more do you want out of life? Seated directly in front of me was a dad, with a son about the same age as Sid, I’d guess around 7. The guy did not put down his crackberry the E-N-T-I-R-E game.

Every 5 seconds he was checking it, ignoring his son, hell-bent on reading some crap on various blogs and social sites. This was heartbreaking to me, but how many times have you witnessed the exact same thing; or perhaps you are that parent?

James Ramsey’s article in the NY Times On The Media: Overdosing on social networking” focuses on our obsession on social media and it tells the story of so many of us today.

Time for a quiz:

1) Do you sleep with your iPhone/BlackBerry on your night table?

2) Do you check your Facebook updates in the bathroom?

3) When you get a new Twitter follower, do you feel all numb and tingle inside?