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Google, Big Giant Gorilla

Sep 29, 2010   //   by 1noelle   //   Blog, WapaBuzz  //  No Comments

The gorilla is the largest living primate, awesome in size and stature and possibly the most coveted and popular zoo exhibit appreciated around the world. I would have to say that Google is the Big Giant Gorilla of our time.

I don’t do anything without Google.

  • I need to find a business, I google it.
  • I want the answer to a Jeapordy question that I don’t know, I google it.
  • I want to find the shoes Gwen Stefani wore at the red carpet, I google it.
  • I have become so dependent on Google for my everyday needs. What next? The Gorilla just keeps getting BIGGER!!

    In todays post from Chris Lang

    Google has created a social networking platform where all its online services will be merged. Google has tied it all together with the new social sharing platform, Google Buzz. G-buzz as we are calling it is creating the most powerful and user-rich experience imaginable.

    Google, the giant, is now the largest social networking platform imaginable! It’s so big that Facebook and Twitter are peeing in their pants like little boys trying to duplicate it. And they can’t, because Google has been developing this quietly, behind the scenes for 10 years.

    To read the full post click here.

    Chris also offers up his predictions that if you have time, it is worth taking a listen so you are in the know of what tomorrow will be. Watch the video .

    Do you agree with Chris’s predictions?

    Cooking and Sailing for better Business? Who knew?!

    Aug 31, 2010   //   by The Wapatoos   //   Blog, WapaBuzz  //  No Comments

    Maintaining a healthy balance in all areas of your life can ensure a full and complete happy life. There are times that one area of your life can monopolize but hopefully it is temporary and you are able to recognize that it can become detrimental to your overall well being if it is not monitored.

    When I first started Wapatoome, I was in full gear, spending every waking moment networking, learning, reading and writing to grow my business. After a few months of long hours, 7 days a week, my overall well being was negatively compromised. Time to re-evaluate and make changes to balance my life. I asked myself what is it that I love, what makes me happy?

    Go Sailing!

    I love to socialize and spend time with my friends and I had been neglecting time with them and I have always been very positive but found that I was missing them and missing that interaction that I was becoming more agitated and my positive attitude was not longer as strong. Every Thursday, my friends go on beer can races in the harbor. It is not only a great social time for us but my interests to learn more about sailing, the excitement of racing and learning this sport re-energizes me and lifts my spirits. It was my commitment that no matter what, Thursday nights I sail and nothing comes before that. If I sail, I am better at my job. Who knew?

    Cooking is Art!

    A good friend of mine from back home, Rob always said that cooking is art, it doesn’t have rules, only guidelines and suggestions and that each time it can become a new creation. Which also meant that baking is science and if you screw up….well let’s just say your cake becomes a brick and no one can enjoy that! No, I did not bake that pie, it was just so big I had to show everyone!

    For several years, friends would get together for dinner night. Every week a theme is determined and everyone that can come participates in the cooking festivities to create and enjoy great food. Again I was not going as much and therefore missing out on what gave me the positive energy and enjoyment to be successful in other areas of my life. I began to cook more dishes at home, experimenting with healthier options, no dairy, gluten free options, spices and paring up foods you would never consider putting together. It did not take long for me to find that cooking for me allows my brain to take a break and is almost meditative. I focus on the food and the love of experimentation with the anticipation of sharing it with friends and seeing the smiles on their faces. I have become pretty good at this craft. Pulled Pork Jack Daniels, Coconut Ginger n Garlic Chicken with Jasmine rice, Mango Salmon and ceviche are some of my best party pleasers. If I cook, I am better at my job. Who knew?

    Nurture your dreams and your passions to be the best you can be in all areas of your life. What do you do to give back to yourself, to be kind to yourself?

    Beautiful Social Media "Infographics"

    Jul 2, 2010   //   by The Wapatoos   //   Blog, WapaBuzz  //  No Comments

    “Infographics” help communicate information in a creative visual way that is generally an understandable and engaging format.
    With social media growing at an ever increasing pace, there is now a wealth of data about how people interacting with one another on the web. Naturally, infographics have proven an excellent aid in expressing high volumes of social web information in a clear, visually appealing manner.

    Mashable features 10 infographics that prove as beautiful as they are interesting, here are the highlights:


    Print this baby out and tack it on your cube wall, its a great overview for newbies and pros alike

    This infographic describes and ranks 10 popular social media channels by customer communication, brand exposure, traffic generation and SEO impact, which enables us to get a good grasp of how each tool helps users achieve business goals.

    It acts as a roadmap of the social web and demonstrates which social channel will give the most bang for the buck in terms of customer communication, brand exposure, traffic, and SEO.