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Google, Big Giant Gorilla

Sep 29, 2010   //   by 1noelle   //   Blog, WapaBuzz  //  Comments Off on Google, Big Giant Gorilla

The gorilla is the largest living primate, awesome in size and stature and possibly the most coveted and popular zoo exhibit appreciated around the world. I would have to say that Google is the Big Giant Gorilla of our time.

I don’t do anything without Google.

  • I need to find a business, I google it.
  • I want the answer to a Jeapordy question that I don’t know, I google it.
  • I want to find the shoes Gwen Stefani wore at the red carpet, I google it.
  • I have become so dependent on Google for my everyday needs. What next? The Gorilla just keeps getting BIGGER!!

    In todays post from Chris Lang

    Google has created a social networking platform where all its online services will be merged. Google has tied it all together with the new social sharing platform, Google Buzz. G-buzz as we are calling it is creating the most powerful and user-rich experience imaginable.

    Google, the giant, is now the largest social networking platform imaginable! It’s so big that Facebook and Twitter are peeing in their pants like little boys trying to duplicate it. And they can’t, because Google has been developing this quietly, behind the scenes for 10 years.

    To read the full post click here.

    Chris also offers up his predictions that if you have time, it is worth taking a listen so you are in the know of what tomorrow will be. Watch the video .

    Do you agree with Chris’s predictions?

    Get hip to foursquare

    Jun 7, 2010   //   by admin   //   Blog, WapaTips  //  Comments Off on Get hip to foursquare

    If you think Four Square is a game you played on the sidewalk as a kid, you are waayyy out of the social scene. Time to get you up to speed;

    Four Square is an online game designed for use on your mobile. The point is to encourage people to “explore their city” and in an effort to do so, it rewards you for doing interesting things — kinda cool.

    Now the freaky factor is Four Square identifies where you are located at a particular moment in time. As a woman, the stalker alarm goes off, so I’d say be aware of this. FourSquare does not know where you are unless you tell it your location, so play it safe.

    So basically, you cruise around with your iPhone, Crackberry, whatever, and “check” in as you go places. You can use it anywhere in the world (with the except for Tiananmen Square, since just last week the good ole’ Chinese Government put the kabash on it). So besides the Square, you are free to roam, earn rewards, and even become the Mayor of your fave location.

    Confused? Watch the video:

    [howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]


    Geek Girls Rule

    Jun 1, 2010   //   by 1noelle   //   Blog, WapaBuzz  //  Comments Off on Geek Girls Rule

    Social Community Managers, the latest hybrid of geeks or the new cool? I never considered myself a geek until I stumbled on a site that defined a geek girl as:

    1) Female (obviously)

    2) Loves techie stuff, particularly innovation, computing and new media.

    3) Not necessarily technically minded

      OMG! I AM A GEEK!

      When Wapatoome was defining the characteristics they would look for in community managers, I started by describing some of my characteristics, all the while I never considered myself a geek. Our top 10 key characteristics of a successful community manager;