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2011 Wapatoo Resolution

Dec 30, 2010   //   by 1noelle   //   Blog, WapaBuzz  //  Comments Off on 2011 Wapatoo Resolution

“Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can’t, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.” Robert Frost

The start of a new year and most everyone talks about committing to making changes and having new goals for a better tomorrow. How many people actually follow through and accomplish their goals? How many actually remember their goals?

Robert Frost’s quote above unexpectedly created the goal for Wapatoome this year. The goal is very simple, share stories, thoughts and opinions that are real, genuine, fresh and true to the Wapatoome family.

  • No topic is taboo
  • Random thoughts are encouraged
  • Unpopular & unconventional opinions appreciated
  • 2011, if you are going to talk, talk openly and honestly. Don’t fill up empty space with nonsense, fill up space with substance!

    Happy New Year!


    The Social Network

    Oct 27, 2010   //   by 1noelle   //   Blog, WapaBuzz  //  Comments Off on The Social Network

    I really cannot wait to see this movie! I have watched several of the billion YouTube videos and interviews about the movie and now I must gather my friends together who have been talking about going together and just get our butts in seats and watch it.
    My collective group of friends rely heavily on Facebook to stay connected, share and torture each other all in good fun. For most of us, we don’t always have the time to visit in person or gab on the phone, so Facebook gives us the access to immediately communicate at anytime, anywhere.

    When I meet someone who does not have Facebook I am very suspicious of them. Why? Are they lying and really don’t want to become Facebook friends with me? They don’t have a computer or know how to use a computer? They feel it is an huge invasion of privacy, yeah, like they are sooooo important! Or worse, they are not comfortable or interested in embracing technology and getting involved. No matter the reason, I find I start taking a few steps back.
    Facebook is not perfect and people can have their complaints or concerns about information being shared but the bigger picture and purpose of what Facebook is all about…..and I quote, “To get the attention of clubs, because they are exclusive and fun and can lead to a better life.” LOL, that line cracks me up! I ran far from the sorority drama after witnessing my college roommate enslave herself to the pressures of getting accepted and approved and popular. I had the better end of the deal, make friends with the frat boys and have a sorority roomie and get invited to any party. No pressures and no contest!


    See the movie and take a few friends and family members. After all, it really isn’t about Facebook, it’s about life!

    Google, Big Giant Gorilla

    Sep 29, 2010   //   by 1noelle   //   Blog, WapaBuzz  //  Comments Off on Google, Big Giant Gorilla

    The gorilla is the largest living primate, awesome in size and stature and possibly the most coveted and popular zoo exhibit appreciated around the world. I would have to say that Google is the Big Giant Gorilla of our time.

    I don’t do anything without Google.

  • I need to find a business, I google it.
  • I want the answer to a Jeapordy question that I don’t know, I google it.
  • I want to find the shoes Gwen Stefani wore at the red carpet, I google it.
  • I have become so dependent on Google for my everyday needs. What next? The Gorilla just keeps getting BIGGER!!

    In todays post from Chris Lang

    Google has created a social networking platform where all its online services will be merged. Google has tied it all together with the new social sharing platform, Google Buzz. G-buzz as we are calling it is creating the most powerful and user-rich experience imaginable.

    Google, the giant, is now the largest social networking platform imaginable! It’s so big that Facebook and Twitter are peeing in their pants like little boys trying to duplicate it. And they can’t, because Google has been developing this quietly, behind the scenes for 10 years.

    To read the full post click here.

    Chris also offers up his predictions that if you have time, it is worth taking a listen so you are in the know of what tomorrow will be. Watch the video .

    Do you agree with Chris’s predictions?